THB: Delhi 2020 - Hawa Ho Naa Ho | Ep- 1

Delhi in 2020. Air has become so polluted that leading cause of lung cancer is Pranayama! What happens when Breathing be

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THB: Delhi 2020 - Hawa Ho Naa Ho | Ep- 1
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Published On - April 20, 2016

Delhi in 2020. Air has become so polluted that leading cause of lung cancer is Pranayama! What happens when Breathing becomes as harmful as passive smoking?

Amidst this chaos a love story blooms between a Cancer Patient & a Doctor :)

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Prem : Aakash Gupta
Doctor : Rahul Tiwari
Nisha : Surabhi
Brother : Piyush
Minister : Gandharv Dewan
Expert : Ankit Pandey
Shamshan Boy : Shubham Choudhry
Anjali Brother : Mohit Tewari.
Cancer Victim in AD: Lokesh

Location Courtesy: AIMS Faridabad

Special Thanks : Isha Mam.
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