Kahani Nadaan Umar ki | Poonam Balan, Kari Kalan, Suryakant

Kahani Nadaan Umar ki (2000) | Hindi Movie | 5.0/10 | Synopsis : Kahani Nadaan Umar Ki is a 2000 film, directed by S.G.S

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Kahani Nadaan Umar ki (2000) Kahani Nadaan Umar ki Rating - 5.0/10
Thriller  [ 1h 26min ]
Kahani Nadaan Umar Ki is a 2000 film, directed by S.G.S.Devar and produced by Baldev. The film stars Kari Kalan, Ponam Balan,Surya Kant, Vichitra, Keertna and Savita in lead roles. The film had musical score by Mani Vannan.
Starring : Poonam Balan, Kari Kalan, Suryakant

Release Date : 01 Jan 2000
Directed By : S.G.S.Devar
Country : India
Language : Hindi
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