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Privacy Policy
This privacy policy is intended to inform you about the types of information gathered by Scratch-U when you visit Scratch-U.

Android Applications
  1. In order to keep these apps free, they are are ad-supported and parental guidance is recommended.
  2. Other than data that may be collected by the ad service Admob (see for more details about what information Admob may collect), personally identifying information is NOT collected, transmitted, or sold to third parties.

Radio World
  1. The Radio Station doesn't belong to us.
  2. All the radios are provided from either shoutcast or icesast directories.
  3. We have just searched and collected the links to such radios and categorized them neatly.
  4. If you feel there is a copyright violation, you can report it to shoutcast or icecast.

Videos World
  1. Videos are provided from youtube and youtube does not charge any money for viewing such videos. This website is also a free site and as such we do not charge for these videos.
  2. We do not publish or update any movies or videos to youtube.
  3. The videos are owned by their owners who have submitted it to youtube and we only provides links to these videos from youtube.
  4. We have just searched youtube and collected the links to such videos and categorized them neatly.
  5. The player in this web is a youtube video player provided by youtube api.
  6. If you think that the particular video is owned by you and you have not submitted it to youtube and you feel there is a violation of copyright kindly notify youtube about the issue and they will take appropriate action.
  7. Once youtube deletes the video from youtube our youtube video player will not be able to play the video anymore as it is not available in youtube to which we point the video link to. The link will become a dead link.

Changes to Privacy Policy
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