Vidroh | Manjeet Kullar,Gugu Gill,Rama Vij, Shavinder Mahal, Gurkitan

Vidroh (2007) | Punjabi Movie | 5.0/10 | Synopsis : This Punjabi Movie, Vidroh ਵਿਦ੍ਰੋ

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Vidroh (2007) Vidroh Rating - 5.0/10
Action  [ 2h 18min ]
This Punjabi Movie, Vidroh ਵਿਦ੍ਰੋਹ੍ a revolutionary, is story of one mans quest to fight against the evils of the society. Vidroh is a revolution against the powerful landlords. Poet Ravinder Ravi creates a spark of revolution in the farmers against Pratap Singh, who is a cruel landlord. Pratap kills Ravi but his his wife brings up his two younger brothers, Jagga & Deep...
Starring : Manjeet Kullar, Gugu Gill, Rama Vij, Shavinder Mahal, Gurkitan

Release Date : 14 Aug 2007
Directed By : Vijainder Dutt
Country : India
Language : Punjabi
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