Ammayila Tirugubatu | Don, Sanjay, Kamalika

Ammayila Tirugubatu (2012) | Telugu Movie | 3.0/10 | Synopsis : Mohana is young girl working as a reporter for a local m

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Ammayila Tirugubatu (2012) Ammayila Tirugubatu Rating - 3.0/10
Drama  [ 2h 3min ]
Mohana is young girl working as a reporter for a local magazine. One day she meets a young guy named, Madhan, while looking for a house to live. As they both struggle to get a house because theyre single, they decide to pretend to be a married couple to get the house. Meanwhile, Mohana decides to write an article about an abused and ill-treated woman, Parimala. How Mohana faces problems caused by her article, what truth Madhan finds out about Mohana and how their little game of pretend changes e
Starring : Don, Sanjay, Kamalika

Release Date : 01 Jan 2012
Directed By : JV Rukmangathan
Country : India
Language : Telugu
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