Bongaram | Krishnudu, Napolean, Santosh Parlawar

Bongaram (2012) | Telugu Movie | 5.0/10 | Synopsis : Shilpa is a young woman who yearns to meet her knight in shining ar

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Bongaram (2012) Bongaram Rating - 5.0/10
Comedy  |  Drama  |  Romance  [ 2h 10min ]
Shilpa is a young woman who yearns to meet her knight in shining armor only to find out that he is not straight. After time takes its course and heals her heart she gives it to another man who also, as it turns out, is not straight. Fed up with all the heartache, she moves to a quaint little village where she meets Krishna, a na´ve villager with a good heart. But behind the love story there is devious scheme that is coming to fruition. Watch to find out what this interesting story is all about.
Starring : Krishnudu, Napolean, Santosh Parlawar

Release Date : 01 Jan 2012
Directed By : Santosh Parlawar
Country : India
Language : Telugu
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