Chedugudu | Brahmanandam, Jayanth, Swetha

Chedugudu (2008) | Telugu Movie | 5.0/10 | Synopsis : Chedugudu is the name of a game, the story here is a chase which e

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Chedugudu (2008) Chedugudu Rating - 5.0/10
Action  [ 2h 18min ]
Chedugudu is the name of a game, the story here is a chase which ends in a village. This film is essentially a comedy with all the dialogues and characters written with an intention of raising laughs. Sayaji Shinde known as Kethi Reddy is a ruthless villain who keeps bugging his wife Hema, and is mostly surrounded by his faithful gang of comedians. Shindes daughter Swetha elopes with Jayanth, who happens to be a son of a labourer Surya. Hema, Swethas mother helps her in this adventure by packing
Starring : Brahmanandam, Jayanth, Swetha

Release Date : 17 Dec 2008
Directed By : Nagaraju PR
Country : India
Language : Telugu
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