Chantigadu | Baladitya, Brahmanandam, Suhasini

Chantigadu (2003) | Telugu Movie | 5.0/10 | Synopsis : Chantigadu (Baladitya) is a teenager who roams around in the vill

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Chantigadu (2003) Chantigadu Rating - 5.0/10
Drama  |  Family  [ 3h ]
Chantigadu (Baladitya) is a teenager who roams around in the village with his gang of friends (Rambabu, Pavan, Jagadish and Phani). He is the son of a widower (Saranya) who serves as a cook at Lord Rama's temple of that village. Seetamaha Lakshmi (Suhasini) is daughter of a landlord Reddappa (Ahuti Prasad). Reddappa is known as a very cruel guy. Chantigadu and Suhasini pass their 10th class examinations. They join a college in a near by town and everyday they have to go to that town by a boat. S
Starring : Baladitya, Brahmanandam, Suhasini

Release Date : 18 Dec 2003
Directed By : Jaya B.
Country : India
Language : Telugu
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