Neel Kamal | Kamal Hassan, Sridevi, Nagesh

Neel Kamal (2007) | Hindi Movie | 5.6/10 | Synopsis : Kamal Hassan who is a doctor falls in love with Sridevi who cannot

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Neel Kamal (2007) Neel Kamal Rating - 5.6/10
Drama  |  Fantasy  |  Musical  |  Romance  [ 1h 52min ]
Kamal Hassan who is a doctor falls in love with Sridevi who cannot see. Sridevi is enampoured by a young lad whom she calls her brother. The little boy too loves her like his own sister. When it is found out that the young boy has cancer. The young lad says his last wish is to donate his eyes to his elder sister after he dies. Will Sridevi be able to see after his brother donate his eyes to her. Watch this movie to find out more.
Starring : Kamal Hassan, Sridevi, Nagesh

Release Date : 19 Oct 1979
Directed By : Krishnan panju
Country : India
Language : Hindi
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