Marriage Da Garriage | Jaswinder Bhalla, Navraj Hans, Shakti Kapoor, Keeya Khanna, B.N. Sharma, Razak Khan, Upasna Singh

Marriage Da Garriage (2014) | Punjabi Movie | 5.2/10 | Synopsis : Two Imprisoned friends Chabbi (Jaswinder Bhalla) & Paa

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Marriage Da Garriage (2014) Marriage Da Garriage Rating - 5.2/10
Two Imprisoned friends Chabbi (Jaswinder Bhalla) & Paanna (B.N. Sharma) are released 3 years, prior their 10 years of imprisonment.After coming out from the jail, they start a fresh inning and decide to change their business and finally come up with a unique business idea "Marriage da Garriage." Their jail mate Bhinda (Rana Jung Bahadur) helps them in getting a start to their business. On the other side, Hero of the film, Raj (Navraj hans) who loves Simran (Keeya khanna) has a dream that...
Starring : Jaswinder Bhalla, Navraj Hans, Shakti Kapoor, Keeya Khanna, B.N. Sharma, Razak Khan, Upasna Singh, Razia Sukhbir, Amritpal Chhotu, Harby Sangha, Balmukund Sharma, Harpreet Walia

Release Date : 28 Mar 2014
Directed By : Jaswinder Singh
Country : India
Language : Punjabi
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