Prema Pilustundi | Brahmanandam, Chanti, Sindhu Menon

Prema Pilustundi (2010) | Telugu Movie | 5.0/10 | Synopsis : Sindhu for some vague reason has an aversion for matters of

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Prema Pilustundi (2010) Prema Pilustundi Rating - 5.0/10
Sindhu for some vague reason has an aversion for matters of the heart, and keeps Chanti at a distance. The family thinks she is in love with him and immediately fix up her marriage with a stranger. Angry that her studies have been stopped midway she immediately tells Chanti that she is in love with him and wants to elope.They marry and live out of the city but Sindhus brother is not happy, he wants to see Chantis end. Sindhu takes poison and battles for her life at the hospital.
Starring : Brahmanandam, Chanti, Sindhu Menon

Release Date : 19 Apr 2019
Directed By : Ajay Nathari
Country : India
Language : Telugu
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