3 Days | Gurmaan Bhullar,Pawandeep Johal,Prince Kaoni,Kamalpreet Nazam,Shaminder Singh Batra,Parminder Gill Barnala,Kuld

3 Days (2016) | Punjabi Movie | 6.0/10 | Synopsis : Description- a unique story based on many problems in our society.

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3 Days (2016) 3 Days Rating - 6.0/10
Description- a unique story based on many problems in our society. Director-prince kaoni Written by- gurmaan bhullar Produced by - prince kaoni, gurmaan bhullar
Starring : Gurmaan Bhullar, Pawandeep Johal, Prince Kaoni, Kamalpreet Nazam, Shaminder Singh Batra, Parminder Gill Barnala, Kuldip Charewaan, Darbara Singh Sarpanch, Gavy Dabwali, Sukhi Chahal, Nirbhai Dhadrian, Thana Singh Chahal, Nishu Puri, Ramandeep Kaur, Dupinder Kaur, Jagmeet Kaur, Vishwas Sidhu, Harpreet Singh, Shubam

Release Date : 01 Jan 2016
Directed By : Prince Kaoni
Country : India
Language : Punjabi
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