Little Krishna - The Wondrous Feats (English) |

Little Krishna - The Wondrous Feats (English) (2009) | English Movie | 8.0/10 | Synopsis : The threat is not yet over fo

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Little Krishna - The Wondrous Feats (English) (2009) Little Krishna - The Wondrous Feats (English) Rating - 8.0/10
Animation  [ 1h 38min ]
The threat is not yet over for Vrindavan as Kamsa, blind with rage, keeps sending his horde of demons in the shape of poisionous Aghasura, dreadful Vatsasura, wiked Vyomasura and the cruel Dhenukasura to get rid of Little Krishna. However they all had to face defeat against Little Krishnas gallant valor. Shattering Brahmas pride, Little Krishna finally displayes Himself as Lord Vishnu, the controller of the entire universe.
Starring :

Release Date : 01 Jan 2009
Directed By : Balasubramanian Rajasekaran
Country : India
Language : English
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