My Home is Green | Sajan Sindhu

My Home is Green (2012) | English Movie | 5.0/10 | Synopsis : The film tells the poignant tale of two tiny creatures, an

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My Home is Green (2012) My Home is Green Rating - 5.0/10
Action  |  Animation  [ 41min ]
The film tells the poignant tale of two tiny creatures, an ant and a caterpillar. The lonely ant, who lost his entire tribe in a pesticide mishap, one day, meets a baby caterpillar. A relationship develops between them. The story moves forward through the memories of the ant, and the metamorphosis of the caterpillar. And then, the ant, once again, hears the sound of the pesticide sprayer. This movie is dedicated to those children who lost their lives in the endosulfan mishap of Kasargod district
Starring : Sajan Sindhu

Release Date : 01 Jan 2012
Directed By : Sajan Sindhu
Country : India
Language : English
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