Mithi Mithi Raaten | Poonam Das Gupta, Sukumaran

Mithi Mithi Raaten (1991) | Hindi Movie | 5.0/10 | Synopsis : Mithi Mithi Raaten is a movie in which a woman when used b

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Mithi Mithi Raaten (1991) Mithi Mithi Raaten Rating - 5.0/10
Thriller  [ 1h 31min ]
Mithi Mithi Raaten is a movie in which a woman when used by her husband for political benefits leaves his house. She starts to work as a model but sustaining is not an easy task. What will she do for her survival? Will she be able to take revenge from her husband?
Starring : Poonam Das Gupta, Sukumaran

Release Date : 01 Jan 1991
Directed By : Gopal Krishna
Country : India
Language : Hindi
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