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Luv Kush (2012) | Marathi Movie | 6.0/10 | Synopsis : Cute, naughty, learned, devoted and above all, fiercely brave and

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Luv Kush (2012) Luv Kush Rating - 6.0/10
Animation  [ 1h 28min ]
Cute, naughty, learned, devoted and above all, fiercely brave and courageous, Luv Kush is the story of Lord Rama and Sitas twin sons. Brought up in Rishi Vyasas ashram away from their father, they are kept unaware of their lineage by their mother, Sita. They grow up to be the pride of their mother and beloved of everyone at the ashram, until a chance meeting with Lord Ram and his Ashwamedha horse, which catapults this entire family to the brink of a fierce battle.
Starring :

Release Date : 16 Apr 2014
Directed By : Unknown
Country : India
Language : Marathi
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